At Inde Rooh, we tirelessly work day and night to bring the flavors of India to all those who cherish them through beautiful, elegant clothing. Be it the boldest of block prints, or the subtle, minimalistic ones – here at Inde Rooh we cater to all tastes.

Through commitment to our craft and a deep understanding of how much time and effort goes into creating something truly beautiful, we strive to preserve and, in our very own way, skilfully cherish the richness of the traditional Indian printing industry.

We started with the goal of not only being able to preserve a unique art form, but also to provide genuine and authentic garments at a reasonable and fair price. Our desire to strike the intricate balance between high quality standards and an affordable price tag is something we pride ourselves upon, for in the process of doing so we’ve not only grown leaps and bounds as an organization, but have also managed to provide a sustainable livelihood to the skilled guardians of such an elusive art form.

We believe that each garment at Inde Rooh is not just a piece of clothing, but an eager storyteller, wishing to illuminate the path that leads to the skilled artisan or farmer that had a hand in its creation.

The threads that bind India bind all of us as well, and we hope to continue to weave the story with every new customer


Address: 51 Hathori Fort Hari Kishan Somani Marg,
Ajmer Road, Jaipur 302001, India
Open Weekdays 10am – 11pm

t: +91 9829 4040 55

e: info@inderooh.com