Project Description

Jaipur, often colloquially called the Pink City, has always boasted of having a unique, unmatched vibe – partially thanks to the historically rich culture, which, while very much a part of the past, still lingers in every nook and cranny; and partially because of the way the modern way of life has quickly taken over with its own distinct flavor. What Jaipur has is currently an unusual blend – a divine concoction of traditional values and modern sensibilities. What also accentuates this fact is that there isn’t really a clash between the two – here in Jaipur, both these fragments of time have decided to coexist, to just be. People meander back and forth, between the forts that have seen countless wars, the downfall of kingdoms even; and the trendy, sprawling malls that are stocked with the latest versions of everything you can imagine. This is Jaipur – a study in duality.

Unlike the hustle and bustle of much bigger cities, Jaipur has a sort of laid back, semi casual vibe to it that can be felt quite profoundly as soon as the evening settles over the city. The working day may be over – but that doesn’t mean that one needs to rush home as soon as possible! Whether it’s a quiet stroll by the iconic Amer fort, or a loud, fun outing with your friends at Nahargarh fort – Jaipur’s popular tourist destinations provide plenty of ways for the locals to blow off the steam after a hard day of work.

Feel like basking in the glory of Rajasthani culture at its peak? Head on over to Chokhi Dhani for the most Rajasthani evening ever – camels, dal batti churma and horse carriage rides notwithstanding!

If you’re into shopping more than exploring curiosities, fear not – Jaipur has got your back. Head on over to chaura rasta to find just about everything you can imagine – cheap books, traditional Rajasthani sarees, bric-a-brac for your home and even traditional puppets! If all this is a bit too antiquated for you though, you can always head over to World Trade Park or even MGF Mall to check out what’s hot in the latest brands. Be it the budget conscious shopper, or the big spender – Jaipur has something that caters to everyone’s taste.

Speaking of taste, how could we talk about Jaipur without mentioning the various delicacies it has to offer for the foodies? From the most scrumptious of street food, to traditional dishes like the aforementioned dal batti churma doused in ghee, a foodie would hardly feel out of place.

Of course, the city has its share of KFC’s. McDonalds and Burger Kings too, like any other major city; but it’s the culturally important food that shines. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then you’re in luck – the city is renowned for having some of the purest, most delicious traditional sweets ever. Fancy a bite? Not only is chaura rasta full of sweet shops, you can find really good ones in other popular locations too – like Riddhi Siddhi and C-scheme, to name a few.

When all is said and done, Jaipur truly is a city that is subtle yet loud; bold yet calm; and doused in traditions while boasting of a very modern spirit – truly, a study in duality. There’s an old saying which goes – “Jagat mai aakar kya kiya, kabhi na dekha Jaipuria?” (What have you done in the world yet, if you’ve not seen Jaipur?) And honestly, we find it hard to disagree with that!