Style Buddy

Having trouble picking between that semi-formal dress in blue and that casual, summery gown? Fear not. Let our professional stylist solve your dilemma. An individual with great fashion acumen, now totally at your service.

Drop us a mail at and we’ll get you in touch with a style buddy of your own!

Wholesale Orders

Here at Inde Rooh, we firmly believe that one must keep striving to constantly better themselves. That philosophy extends to what we do professionally as well –for while we’re still a growing, young venture, we’re also a vital part of an international family too!

With successful custom orders delivered to the likes of the markets of Spain, Hong Kong, France and even China – we pride ourselves on being able to tell a desi story to a global audience. But don’t worry, we’ve not forgotten our roots – we work extensively within Indian locations like Goa, and also with a brand in Mumbai that has its portfolio in over 16 international airports across the nation! Nothing is too small or too tricky for us – with no minimum order amount, and a variety of designs and patterns, we’re ready for whatever you throw at us.

Queries? Interested in a business venture that we could be a part of? Drop us an email at


“Fit right off the rack, like it was tailored just for me.”

Margaret – US

“I ditched all my t-shirts in Jaipur to make more luggage room for gifts.”


“Lovely and good for hot conditions”

Yen – Vietnam


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